Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Zoya Nail Polish at the Royal Wedding!

Zoya Nail Polish and Qtica celebrate the wedding of the century!

Happily Ever After! We know how hard it is to find that perfect match! That is why Zoya has over 300 beautiful nail polish colors to choose from. Making it easy for every bride to find the perfect color for her big day and every day after that! With the royal wedding of the century only days away (and still no word on just who's making Kate Middleton's wedding dress) we created a wedding video for our perfect match - Zoya Nail Polish and Qtica! Check out the Zoya Royal Wedding video below! Even if you haven't found the "one" yet - you can feel and look your best with Zoya Nail Polish and Qtica! Check out our bridal suggestions here!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Zoya Nail Polish Summer Colors Reviewed on YouTube

Nail Polish lovers are loving Zoya on YouTube this month - take a peak at the following video reviews of the the new Zoya Nail Polish color collections if you are trying to decide on your perfect Zoya...  We just love YouTube video beauty gurus!

simplyglamourxoxo Love the bloopers :)