Friday, October 26, 2012

The Zoe Report and Zoe Beautiful feature Zoya!

Being included on both The Zoe Report and Zoe Beautiful, all in one week, makes every Rachel Zoe lover in the Zoya Nail Polish offices feel REALLY good!

Zoya Nail Polish in Storm Featured as a Tric or Chic Color on the Zoe Report!
First up - Halloween Nails scream for Sparkly Black Polish - and Zoya has a stunning new sparkly shade that is as boooootiful as it is stylish - Zoya Nail Black Nail Polish in Storm.

Zoya Color Lock System as featured on Rachel Zoe's Zoe Beautiful Site.

And to keep color glossy and chic no matter what tricking and treating you find yourself doing this upcoming Halloween - make sure to Zoya Color Lock it.


Zoya Halloween Nail Art Ideas featured on The Style Networks'

The Zoya Nail Polish Fairies just love Halloween!

When, the online version of The Style Network, called the Zoya Media Fairy and asked for Zoya Nail Polish Nail Art ideas to contribute to a feature they were writing... our creative teams little Fairy Heads almost exploded with ideas. As luck would have it, a few of the top manicurists from Japan just happened to be in town visiting the Zoya Corporate Offices and offered to assist the fairies in translating a few of those holiday nail art visions onto our tiny little fairy fingers!

See all of the looks here... The Style Network /


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Zoya Gilty Pleasures Gift Set - Back in Stock! Limited Time Offer

The tale of the Golden Zoya Fairy...
We really wanted to surprise you next week, but we just couldn't wait! The Zoya French Fairy reported that she found a secret treasure chest of gold while scouting the French Riviera. It wasn't easy but she quickly scooped up all the gold she could possibly carry and immediately flew across the ocean to bring it here... she knew how many people have been asking for the Zoya Gilty Pleasures Gift Sets.

We were soooo happy when she arrived with the gold, that we threw her a fabulous party and showered her with M&M's (sadly we were out of eclairs and croissants). After all, Gold is heavy, and flying it here was really hard (and expensive) work for a Fairy, so we can't thank her enough for delivering it with such speed and grace! Viva La Zoya French Fairy :)

So hurry to to secure your Limited Edition Zoya Gilty Pleasures Gift Set here! This time it really will go away forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (she said she got it all)

What other ways can you wear the Zoya Gilty 18K Real Gold topcoat? For a variety of different colors that look great when gilded, visit the Zoya Gilty Nail Look Ideas page.

Back by Popular Demand - Zoya is dedicated to keeping our fans happy and always beautifully polished!


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Nail the Look - Double French Manicure with Polka Dots!

This week, very special international guests from our Distributor in Japan are visiting the Art of Beauty headquarters. Along with discussing international nail trends, one of Japan's top nail artists (so exciting!) demonstrated a fun nail look (shown above) that women might get when going to a nail salon in Japan. This look was created using a neutral base with Zoya Nail Polish in Kennedy, a double French tip with Zoya Natty and Zoya Electra, and polka dots with Zoya Trixie.

See step-by-step instructions on how to get the look below, and stay tuned
for more designs and nail art ideas that were shared!

Apply two coats of a Nude Nail Polish base like Zoya Kennedy (Manicurist wearing Zoya Toni & Natty + Ziv Tips!)
Add a French Tip in any shade - Here Zoya Nail Polish in Natty was used.
Choose a glitter shade like Zoya Electra for a the second French Tip line.
The addition of a few polka dot accent nails on each hand makes for a very playful look!
Finish with Armor Topcoat & Fast-Dry Drops and...
Voila - A fun, glamorous french manicure look is created!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Zoya Nail Polish in Toni featured in Woman's World Magazine

Wine For All!

Well, wine hued nail polish that is... a hot-right-now trend that is super-flattering on everyone. 

Woman's World Magazine says burgundy nails like Zoya Nail Polish in Toni are "oh so sultry"! How to make burgundy work for you? Follow these simple rules...

If you have pink or blue undertones in your skin, opt for a cool toned shade like Zoya Nail Polish in Toni or Zoya Norra for a deeper, more dramatic take on the trend.  

If you have medium or olive skin, reach for hues that have a warmer undertone or a golden highlight like Zoya Nail Polish in Anastasia or Zoya Kierra 

Find your perfect burgundy shade! For more variations on the trendy wine-infused hues, visit
the Oxblood Red Nail Polish by Zoya page.


Modern Salon Magazine Talks NYFW Nail Trends...

From the Runway to Reality, Zoya Nail Polish is committed to bringing you the most on-trend nail polish shades possible each season!

During New York Fashion Week (NYFW) Spring 2013, Zoya Nail Polish partnered with Fashion Designer Zang Toi to create three custom nail polish shades (now sold out) inspired by Zang's Collection and his three muses - Zoya Julie, Zoya Gei Gei and Zoya Piaf. The nail look coming down the runway also featured Zoya Trixie to compliment the trio of icy polish shades. See the collaboration featured in this month's issue of Modern Salon Magazine.

"Models wore Zoya Julie with an icy french tip of Zoya Ice Princess (aka Trixie) down the runway at Zang Toi. Zoya recently launched three collections inspired by Fashion Week: Designer, Diva and Gloss." 

If it's in fashion, Zoya has it! Introducing the best in cutting-edge color from the runway to your doorstep - find the "hautest" colors for the season at


The Zoya Ornate Collection - Magical Color for the Holidays

Zoya Ornate Collection Video Review...

YouTube Beauty Blogger Aly (graphicaly) reviews the NEW Zoya Nail Polish Collection for the
Holiday 2012 season and reveals which shades she's most looking forward to wearing - Enjoy!