Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Zoya Nail Polish is Hot this Summer in Nail It!


This month is

Nail It Magazine's "Best of" issue and Zoya PixieDust in Ginni tops the list for the "Best of Glitters" category! #ZoyaGinni is part of the new Summer Magical PixieDust collection and can be best described as a glittery pink tourmaline - and boy does she shine bright like a diamond!

Neutral shades are also in this season, and Summer's best neutrals includes Zoya Nail Polish in Taylor - a light toffee cream that is classy and elegant, and perfect for a number of occasions.
Since it's now officially summer, you're going to want to protect your nails from fading under the harsh sunlight. Zoya Armor Top Coat has you covered! With a UV protectant formula, Armor will keep your nail color from fading and yellowing.
Along with playing it safe with healthy nail polish, summer pedicures is all the buzz when the weather is nice. Zoya was featured in a few different nail looks that will surely grab attention on the streets. Zoya Nail Polish in Flynn is shown for a neutral striped pedi which was inspired by the rays of the sun. Zoya Nail Polish in Cole is a perfect base color for a pretty pastel floral pedi. Finally, Zoya PixieDust in Cosmo and Vega make a gorgeous shimemring gradient pedi for a night out on the town.
Find all of the hottest shades for summer at www.zoya.com! - See more at: http://blog.zoya.com/Moment/Zoya+is+HOT+in+Nail+It+Magazine!/?Moment=1976#sthash.qG2R6pr6.dpuf

Get the Look: Old Glory Trio


We just LOVE The Old Glory Trio. It's a much more muted and subdued version of the typically bright red, white, and blues you see for the 4th of July, and reminds us of a more rugged feel for a look. Almost like an old American flag!

This trio consists of Zoya Nail Polish in Pepper, Zoya Nail Polish in Dove, and Zoya Nail Polish in Natty - 3 perfect shades for you to create your "old glory" look!
Here's how to get this Fishtail French Tip look at home:
Step 1: Paint #ZoyaDove as your base and let dry completely.

Step 2:
Using a piece of striping or masking tape, tape off one corner and paint on #ZoyaNatty, let that dry completely.

Step 3:
Repeat step 2 for the other corner using #ZoyaPepper.

Step 4:
After allowing your nails to dry, throw on Zoya Armor Top Coat to even out all the lines.
That's it! Now go on and let freedom ring. Find all of the All American Trios (HERE) - available for a limited time ONLY at a super special price!  Don't forget to share your Fourth of July looks with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using #ZoyaAllAmerican ! - See more at: http://blog.zoya.com/Moment/Old+Glory+Trio+-+How+To+Get+The+Look!/?Moment=2005#sthash.LYJLvpKy.dpuf

Get the Look: Zoya Star Spangled Trio


Are you ready to sing, “Oh say can you see!”? The Star Spangled Trio is PERFECT for creating all types of patriotic nail art during the day of birth of America! This trio consists of Zoya Nail Polish in America, Zoya Nail Polish in Purity, and Zoya Nail Polish in Ling. It’s a fun and easy nail art look!

Want to create this look?
First, take your blue ( #ZoyaLing ) and paint your thumb, pointer, and pinky fingers.
Next, you will paint your ring finger in red ( #ZoyaAmerica ) for your base.
Finally, paint your middle finger in white ( #ZoyaPurity ).
Now for the art!
Make sure your red nail is dried completely. Using striping or masking tape (or a very steady hand), create horizontal lines. We played with different widths to give it more interest! Take #ZoyaPurity and paint right in between your tape. Allow to dry a few seconds, but not completely. Peel off the tape carefully to reveal those gorgeous stripes.
We used small star shaped glitter from a craft store for the pinky and pointer finger! If you have a steady hand and a great brush, try painting the star! We give you credit if you can!
Finally, throw on Zoya Armor Top Coat to make your mani really shine.
We would LOVE to see what nail art you come up with using the Star Spangled Trio so make sure to comment below! See all of the All-American Trios HERE - available at a special price NOW for a limited time only. 
Don't forget to share your Fourth of July looks with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using #ZoyaAllAmerican! - See more at: http://blog.zoya.com/Moment/Zoya+Star+Spangled+Trio/?Moment=1983#sthash.r1oWXNsK.dpuf

Get the Look: Festive Fireworks Trio


Light up your mani this 4th of July with this glittering marble nail art! Don't worry, it's waterless and surprisingly super simple (and quick) – we promise! We used the Festive Fireworks Trio but you can easily substitute any 3 colors of your choice for a similar look. The only other thing you need is saran wrap or a piece of a plastic bag, it’s that easy!
Let's get this nail party started...
Step 1: Make sure you paint the lightest color as your base shade - we used #ZoyaTrixie . Let dry completely.
Step 2: Dab alternating blobs of each of #ZoyaSarah #ZoyaSong and #ZoyaTrixie onto your nail. The more random the better! After you do your first nail you'll have a better idea of how much polish and how big of blobs you should apply.
Step 3: Place a piece of saran wrap onto your nail and press down lightly. Our trick is we push down and slightly twist the saran wrap. You'll want to make sure you don't squish the polish too much or it will end up blending together.
Step 4: Carefully take the saran wrap off your nails, let dry slightly.
Step 5: Clean up any polish that may have gotten on your skin, apply your Zoya Armor Topcoat and get ready to SHINE all night long!
See the rest of the special All-American Trios curated for the Fourth of July HERE -

Don't forget to share your Fourth of July looks with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using #ZoyaAllAmerican ! - See more at: http://blog.zoya.com/Moment/Festive+Fireworks+Trio+-+How+To+Get+The+Look!/?Moment=2004#sthash.LRqOFPs6.dpuf

Get the Look! Zoya Patriotic PixieDust Trio


Nothing says celebration like a little bit of sparkle for the 4th of July and the Patriotic PixieDust Trio has a lot of it! After all, we are celebrating the birth of our country! The Patriotic PixieDust Trio consists of Zoya PixieDust in Chyna, Zoya PixieDust in Tomoko, and the very appropriate...Zoya PixieDust in Liberty. One of our favorite looks to do with textured nail polish is a gradien nail artt! Without further adieu, here is how to create the look at home!
This is a pretty easy nail look since the nail art is only on the accent nail. Another bonus- no need for a base or top coat!
First, take #ZoyaChyna and paint your thumb, middle, and pink fingers in one thin layer. Make sure to allow drying time between coats to get the ultimate textured effect.
Next, paint your pointer finger in #ZoyaLiberty. - See more on the full tutorial at: http://blog.zoya.com/Moment/Zoya+Patriotic+PixieDust+Trio/?Moment=1984#sthash.IkzHnczD.dpuf

Zoya Armor Top Coat is the Ultimate Protection!


We are right in the middle of the hot, Summer season!

We all know how important it is to keep our skin protected from the harsh rays of the sun with SPF, but have you ever thought about your nails needing the protection too? Zoya Armor Top Coat was featured on Allure.com as one of the five types of sunscreen you're probably over-looking. - See more at: http://blog.zoya.com/Moment/Protect+Your+Nails+with+Zoya+Armor+Top+Coat/?Moment=1903#sthash.O9LHtX4O.dpuf